First owned machine on Hack The Box

Today I owned the first easy machine on Hack The Box. Heavily using the walk through to be honest. But I hope this will change soon while going through additional machines. First impression of Hack The Box is awesome! I’ll try to share much of what I will learn. Happy hacking!

Die Mär vom menschlichen Versagen in der IT-Sicherheit – Teil 1

Hide the pain harold meme

Human Error. Allseits beliebt und gern herangezogen als ausgemachte Ursache zahlreicher Sicherheitsvorfälle der letzten Monate und Jahre. Die Daten verschlüsselt, das “Backup” feilgeboten, der Konzern blamiert. So weit, so normal. Umsatzeinbruch, Aktieneinbruch, Reputationsverlust. Menschliches Versagen ist der Hauptgrund für 95% der Sicherheitsvorfälle Die Forensik rückt an, wertet die spärlichen und zur Hälfte wegrotierten Logs […]

3 tips on how to save an insane amount of time on clickbait articles (plus 1 bonus)

pencils and notebook on wooden table

“AI in medical devices, course or blessing”, “12 ways to earn passive money with no efforts”. You are scrolling through social media, click some headlines like the aforementioned ones and an hour later you ask yourself why your feet went to sleep on the toilet again. So here’s the ultimate chance to save your feet […]

Docker and UFW

How to mess up your firewall in three easy steps The way Docker manipulates iptables actually bypasses ufw, which is the default firewall on Ubuntu systems. You can block a port, spin up a container and in a blink of an eye the blocked port will be open again. It will even bypass Any/Any/Deny rules. […]